Hero Honda Motors

1) Company overview

1967 is definitely regarded as the red letter year in the history of the automobile industry since it gave birth to a automobile wizard, Hyundai Motors.

The organization over the years has almost taken 70% of the globe under its area of operations. It is hard to find a nation where the cars manufactured by the Organization do not ply on the roads. It is rated as the 4th largest automobile manufacturer globally.

Manufacturing Units & Presence

Today the company has set a new benchmark for the others by successfully operating the largest manufacturing plant in Ulsan, South Korea which manufactures a mammoth 1.6 million vehicles annually. Apart from Korea, the organization has set up offices in Germany, Japan and India. It has also poured huge funds towards manufacturing in North America, India, Czech Republic, Russia, China and Turkey.

Annual Sales

The annual quantity sales of the company are a staggering 5 billion cars worldwide.

Research and Development Team

The success of the organization can be attributed to the huge injection of capital in the fields of quality, design, manufacturing and research. The research and development centers of the company exist in Europe, North America, Asia and Pacific Rim.

Since its inception the company has rolled out many products that have achieved the status of brands and today the organization itself is considered among the top 100 brands. It is not only the strong technical and the research teams that have accounted for the success of the company but due credit should also be given to the marketing arm. An aggressive intent of the marketing comes to the surface from the fact that Hyundai has been the worldwide official sponsor of the greatest spectacle on earth, the Fifa World cup soccer tournament since 2002. The company caters to around 200 countries through 500 dealerships.

2) Products

The vast range of models of the cars offered by the company differs with the region. In North America the various models of past and present include Genesis, Sonata, Elantra, Tueson and Santa Fe. On the other hand some of the most popular models in the subcontinent include Santro Xing, i 10, Eon, Grand i 10. The most recent popular models include Getz, Accent, Elantra, Verna, Sonata transform and Elite i 20. Both the petrol and the diesel models have achieved great acceptibility due to their individual virtues. The product of the organization that currently ply in Japan is Universe bus. So, there exists a great variety in the models in the different regions.

3) Awards and recognition

The kitty of awards and recognition received by the company is quite bulky and understandably so. Hundai Genesis, one of its top model was awarded both the North American and the Canadian car of the year. Four of its models have earned the Top Safety award. In 2010, it received the 4th best automaker award from the consumer reports reliability. These awards represent only the tip of the iceberg.The list is non exhaustive.

4) Career

The dream company for many, Hyundai provides the perfect working environment, opportunity and guidance to excel along with the firm. All the offices across various countries follow employee friendly policies which makes it the automatic choice for the young energetic talents.