Hero Honda Motors

1)    Company overview

The history of TVS group dates back to 1877 however the TVS Motor Company came into existence in 1979. With the passage of time the company has grown in stature, both in size and the turnover.

Today, without an iota of doubt it is considered to be one of the biggest names in the automobile sector. The fact that it is the third largest two wheeler manufacturer in the country and features amongst the top ten two wheelers manufacturers globally consolidates the image of the organization. Apart from the two wheelers segment, it also has a huge presence in the three wheeler segment as well.

Manufacturing Units

It has three manufacturing plants in India at Hosur, Mysore and Nalagarh and one production unit at Karawang, Indonesia.


It has brought about quite a number of innovations in the automobile sector. There are many “firsts” associated with the esteem organization. They were the ones to bring the first 2- seater moped, first 4 strokes 150 cc motorcycle, the first motorcycle fitted with catalytic converter, less than 100 cc scooters. The list definitely doesn’t end here. The first balancing wheels, auto clutch motorcycle and the first scooter with the body balance technology were also introduced by them.

Joint venture with BMW Motorrad

The joint venture with BMW Motorrad primarily done for the sharing of technology resulted in the production of motorcycles below 500 cc . The cooperation agreement was signed after the company reported a marginal dip in the sales. This helped the organization pull back quite significantly. Mention should also be made of the previous joint venture with the Japanese automobile giant Suzuki which resulted in various popular models being rolled out by the company. The organization has set up an effective export base and has presence in more than 50 nations.

2)    Products

The company manufactures scooters, motorcycles and the three-wheelers. The most popular  models of the company in the motorcycle segment that are currently capturing the lion share of the market are Star City Plus, the Apache Series RTR, TVS Phoenix ,TVS Sport. The scooters have attained equal popularity and acceptability which includes Wego, TVS Jupiter, Scooty Streak and Scooty Pep+. The three wheeler TVS King is the most popular model in this segment and is mainly used for the commercial purpose. TVS NEOX31, Apache 150, Star LX, Victor GX 100 and Max 100 are some of the other popular models which have an international presence.

3)    Awards and recognition

The number of awards received by the company is huge. Some of the most prominent are “Deming Application Prize” in 2002, “The successful commercialization of indigenous technology” in 2002, “The emerging corporate giant “ and one of its brand, TVS scooty pep won the “Outstanding Design Excellence award” in 2004. A number of awards have been won by the company in the technological sector as well.

4)    Career

TVS motor Company features among the most sought after organizations to work with mainly due to the friendly working environment it provides. The camaraderie between the employees is praise worthy. The opportunities are also lucrative which allure the budding talents to join the firm.