Wipro Technologies

Corporate office : Mumbai
Establishment : 1945
Business : IT services, IT consulting
Type : Public
Website : www.wipro.com
Address : Doddakannelli, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore - 560 035

Company Overview
Wipro is global IT Consulting Company, ranked third among top 10 IT companies in India. The Journey of the Wipro started in 1981 and established software development wing in 1983. Company was accredited with CMMM level 5 certification in 2001 and entered in the BPO industry in 2002. 

Within 20 years, company has achieved tremendous growth, has net worth of $7.95 billion and employee strength of over 150000. 

Innovation in Wipro
Wipro has a huge research team that work to develop innovative technology, help’s business to overcome market challenges and fosters them to achieve sustainable growth in this competitive environment. Company is focus on technology market trends and brings new technology for mobility, cloud, analytics and focusing on future technology like machine-to-machine(M2M). Wipro in partnership with European research institute IMEC to develop next generation technology and software’s.

Wipro Services
Analytics & Information Management helps clients to understand the customer’s behavior and foster clients to take better decision which become foundation of their growth. 

Application Services : Wipro being the largest IT Company has focus on application development, using innovative technology. Company has a strong team of software developers that has huge experience in developing software/applications in asp.net, Java, Database driven software. Services and solutions provided by Wipro helps organizations to have an edge from the competitors.

Mobility Solutions has huge demand in the market because over 5.3 billion people which is 77% of the world population is using mobile phone, these stats predict mobility solutions is the face of future technology. Wipro has expert team professionals has experience in developing mobile applications, mobile payment process & software that motivate customers to purchase online.

Business Process Outsourcing : Wipro is counted among the top 10 BPO services providers in India. Company provides human resource outsourcing, procurement outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing, Technical support outsourcing etc. Today's clients wants the BPO venders that foster  increase company sales by providing best in class BPO support to customers. Wipro pre build process software and innovative technology that helps clients to achieve their prime motto of customer satisfactions and sales growth.

Cloud Services: Cloud Services has huge demand in the market, as cloud is a way to achieve seamless scalability in operations. Cloud services delivers the best results and produce good ROI.

Consulting Services: Wipro major business comes from Consulting Services. Wipro Consulting services helps clients to think ahead and play a key role in the growth of organizations. Wipro has experience in delivering cost effective solutions that enables clients to have streamline operations. Wipro Consulting services covers following areas - Business Transformation, Process Excellence, Enterprise Architecture Consulting, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Human Capital Management, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Finance and Accounting.

Wipro EcoEnergy : Global Warming and economic conditions, forcing the organizations to rely on business strategies towards a low-carbon existence. Wipro EcoEnergy helps clients to optimize their energy preference and provide them alternative process for energy generations and consumption. Over the last 3 years company helps many organizations of Telecom, Banking, Retail, Manufacturing and processing segments to change their energy usage & generation process.

Career in Wipro : Wipro is a good company ,provide good opportunity for career growth.