Jaypee Cement

Jaypee group is one of the best cement manufacturing company of India and in terms of production it is the 3rd largest cement producer in the country. The prime manufacturing units are located in the Satna Cluster (M.P.), which has the maximum capacity.

Company manufacture special blend of Portland Pozzolana Cement under the brand name  of ‘Jaypee Cement’ (PPC). Company focus on using innovative technology to produce high quality cement.  Presently company has 260 cements dumps which are connected with each other using latest IT technology.

Company give special attention to Safe, Healthy, Clean & Green Environment.All the plants of company are ISO-9001:2000, ISO-14001:2004 & OHSAS-18001:1999 certified that covers conservation of Natural Resources and Reduction of Emissions and Wastes etc.

Qualities of Jaypee Cement

  • Better workability
  • Better pumpability
  • Superfine particles provide great finish to the structure.
  • Low heat of hydration.
  • Reduced shrinkage and swelling.
  • Better pore refinement, reduced permeability.
  • Better resistance to chloride and sulphate attack
  • Better resistance to alkali-silica reaction.
  • Resistance to corrosive attack on steel reinforcement.
  • Reduced lime leaching.
  • High compressive strength.
  • High modulus of elasticity especially at later ages.
  • Improved bondage of concrete to steel.
  • Long term strength gain.

Address: Sikandrabad, National Highway 91, Uttar Pradesh 203206