JSW Steel

Company overview

JSW Steel is one of the leading manufacturers of the steel of the country. The journey started in the year 1982 when the organization started functioning with a single mill at Vasind in Mumbai.

The subsequent period witnessed an expansion of the company to the extent which a very few might have imagined. This particular phase saw several acquisitions by the company after the merger of Jindal Iron and Steel Company and the Jindal Vijaynagar Steel Ltd in 2005.


Manufacturing Units

The operations propelled in volume and currently the organization boasts of six plants at different places which are Salem in Tamil Nadu, Vijayanagar in Karnataka and Vasind,Dolvi, Tarapur and Kalmeshwar in Maharashtra. The manufacturing units have bolstered the production capacity of the firm over the years and the current capacity is around 15 million tons per annum. The goals of the company are pretty high and it wishes to touch the 40 million tons capacity mark over the next decade. The goals are backed by planning of expansion of the current units and setting up new plants in states like West Bengal and Jharkhand.


Success Mantra of JSW Steel

Similar to any other big organization, the company has achieved success on the backdrop of strong administration, technology, manufacturing, supply chain and marketing. The fact that the company has not compromised with quality has made the unprecedented success possible. One of the key attribute has definitely been its land acquisition policy which has indeed been emulated by many other manufacturing giants.


CSR Activities

Another aspect that definitely demands the laurels and kudos is its CSR activities. This has really proved that the firm is not only a giant steel producer but is also responsible towards the society. It has performed various activities which has benefited all spheres of the society specially the under privileged. Today, the company is considered one of the pioneers with its dominant presence outside India.



The bracket of the products that the company produces is quite large. It includes almost everything from the family of the steel. The hot rolled and the cold rolled coils, the corrosion resistant durable galvanized steel, the TMT bars branded as the JSW Neosteel and many other products which cater to many industries. Almost all the products of the company have found its market outside the country which accounts for the stupendous success of the firm.


Awards and recognitions

The great efforts of this esteem organization reflect in the cabinet of awards it possesses. The list virtually does not seem to terminate. Some of the most eminent are” Commendation Certificate for significant Achievement towards Business Excellence”, “Golden Peacock Eco-Innovation Award for the year 2013”, “ The Industry leadership award”, “National sustainability Award 2008”,” Golden Peacock Award for the Corporate Social Responsibility,” Award for Good Green Governance by SRISHTI”



Over the years JSW steel has certainly proved to be a great employer with the proper training schedules for its employees, the beautiful working atmosphere within the Organization, a very nice camaraderie amongst the employees, the perks and benefits and many such reasons. There is no denial to the fact that the graph of the company is on the up and this also serves a very good reason for the talented people to choose this company as a destination.