Tata Steel

Company overview

There are certain organizations which are beyond the purview of the sales, profits, margins, figures and other terms of business we generally associate with the other companies.

Tata Steel is certainly one amongst them. The organization was the brain child of the greatest entrepreneur of the nation Mr Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata who believed that steel would bring a revolution and an economic independence to the country. It came into existence in the year 1907 after years of research which was conducted prior to the setting up of this esteem organization.

The company works on the values it imbibed from its founder that every stakeholder of the company should be benefitted which as a synergic effect makes the society a better place to live. The Tata Code of conduct often referred to as the “code” guides all its employees who are spread all over the world and reminds them of the values, ethics and the corporate principles. The company has also a set of active policies at place in various areas of operations which defines the approach in a vivid way. Moving into the figures, the performance of the company seems a fairy tale.

Tata Steel Limited Presence

The organization currently has a presence in more than 50 countries and employs workers in excess of 80,000.

Manufacturing Units and Production Capacity

The capacity of steel production is around 30 million tons per annum which is few notches above its closest competitor. The turnover for the last financial year was a staggering 140,000 crores. It has manufacturing operations in different continents as well. The annual production capacity of the company’s’ arm in Europe is 18 million tons per annum. The organization has also achieved great success in production in the south East Asia region. The manufacturing presence of the firm is there in countries like Thailand, Singapore, Australia, China and Vietnam. The company has always worked on the principle of innovation and is continuing to do so.

Innovative Technology

The superlative technical arm has ensured that the company comes up with new innovated products rather sporadically. No mention of this esteem organization is complete without mentioning about its CSR activities. They have indeed bettered the world of many.


The Organization has a wide platter of products which are used in various industries. It specializes in the hot rolled coils, the wire rods, the construction bars, plates, sections wide variety of bearings, auto assemblies and many more. It specially takes care of the agricultural sector which includes the manufacturing of the sickles, shovels, crowbars, hammers and axes. The company caters to more than 5000 customers and 2 million consumers annually.

Awards and recognitions

It is almost impossible to mention all the awards and the recognition this stalwart has been able to fetch over a century. Some of the most prestigious are “World’s most ethical company”, “ Prime Minister’s Best performing Integrated Steel Plant”,” Golden peacock Environment management award”. The list obviously doesn’t end here.


The dream of any talented educated individual would be to work with the Tata Steel. The learning opportunities, the camaraderie within the employees all result in the want of the people to be a member of the Tata family.