Top 10 Companies to work in India 2020

ET Bureau – ET Bureau is not only a fun and great place to work but also is the one where you can rely on the colleagues you work with, work for, feel pride and happiness in what you do and of course cherish the company and its flexible working environment.

Undoubtedly at present era, it is must to create a good working environment that is like an integral and most significant part of an organization’s business strategy.  

Google – Google is a well known and renowned American multinational technology company specialized in internet related services and products. It covers online advertising technologies, cloud computing, search and software. Most of the company’s profits and revenue gets derived from AdWords that is an online advertising service that locates advertising near the list of search outcomes. Established in 1998, it has been estimated that the company runs more than one million servers in data centers across the world and the market dominance has head to preeminent media coverage, involving issues and concerns including censorship, search neutrality, copyright and privacy.    

Type – Public, Industry – Internet, Computer Software, Telecoms Equipment, Founded – 1998, Number of Employees – 55,419, Revenue – US$ 66.001 billion

Intel Technology – The Company Intel Technology is a reputed American multinational technology company. Based on the revenue, the company is among the biggest valued semiconductor chip makers. In fact it is the manufacturer of x86 series of microprocessors found usually in most of the personal computers. Established in 1968, the company also deals in the manufacturing of motherboard chipsets, integrated circuits, network interface controllers, graphics chips, flash memory, embedded processors and other devices related to computing and communications.     

Type – Public, Industry – Semiconductors, Founded – 1968, Number of Employees – 106,700, Revenue – US$ 55.870 billion

American Express – Also known and been popular as Amex, American Express is an American multinational financial services company established in 1850. The company is best popular for its charge card, credit card and traveler’s cheque businesses accounting for about 24% of the total dollar volume of credit card transactions. The group’s logo is adopted in year 1958, known as a Centurion; the image appears on the company’s charge cards, travelers’ cheques and credit cards.   

Type – Public, Industry – Banking, Financial Services, Founded – 1850, Number of Employees – 53,500, Revenue – US$ 33 billion

NIIT – NIIT Limited has been recognized as a leading Indian multinational company that caters learning management and training delivery solutions to institutions, individuals and corporations. The company has basic three major segments of business worldwide that is SCG (Skills and Careers Group), CLG (Corporate Learning Group) and SLG (School Learning Group). Established in 1981, few years back in 2004, the group demerged into a separate listed entity as NIIT Technologies that focuses majorly on corporate training, training in schools and vocational training for services sector and education.Type – Public, Industry – For Profit Education, Founded – 1981, Number of Employees – 3,324, Revenue – US$ 150 million  

Forbes Marshall – The company is a prominent Indian engineering and energy conservation corporation specifically for the process industry. Forbes Marshall Private Limited deals in the manufacturing of steam engineering and control instrumentation products and related solutions. Based in Pune, and established in 1958, the company has its own four manufacturing units situated all across the country at Hyderabad, Kasarwadi, Chakan near Pune and Pimpari.   

Type – Private, Industry – Engineering, Energy, Founded - 1958

NTPC – Also known vastly as National Thermal Power Corporation Limited, NTPC Limited is a pioneering Indian CPSU (Central Public Sector Undertaking) under Government of India, Ministry of Power engaged extensively in the business of electricity and other allied activities. Incorporated in 1975, and headquartered at New Delhi, the company’s core business is basically into the generation and sale of electricity to state owned power distribution firms along with state electricity boards in the country. Moreover, it also deals in consultancy and turnkey project contracts involving engineering, construction management and project management and operation and management of power plants along with oil and gas exploration and other coal mining activities.  

Type – Government owned corporation – Public, Industry – Electric Utility, Founded – 1975, Number of Employees – 24,546, Revenue – US$ 12.34 billion

Ujjivan Financial Services is another well known company which is famous for excellent working environment. It is a leading micro finance company that has employee friendly policies

MakeMyTrip is a leading online travel company that has excellent working environment. It is known for adding fun elements in training and integration of employees. Also company has employee friendly policies.

Marriott Hotels is a prominent name in hotel industry that work to grow talent of the employees by providing regular training sessions.