Top 10 ERP Companies in India 2020

Astral Technologies – As one of the top notch IT company, Astral Technologies help its clients to attain business aims and motives using intelligent and robust technology solutions.

The company proffers a wide range of IT solutions and technology services that have proven to strengthen as well as complement its client’s business operations. Adding to this, the company comprises experienced and talented IT consultants who assure delivery of superior quality and highly effective IT solutions to its wide base of clientele worldwide. Its specialized infrastructure and management services are created based on a good understanding and expertise of its client’s business operations.

Suchan Software Private Limited – Incorporated in 1996, Suchan Software is a pioneering IT company operating in standard software products development. At present, the company has multi talented and skilled pool of programmers, administrative staff and sales and support engineers with state-of-art and well structured office premises in Mumbai, India. In fact, it is a complete IT solutions provider firm specialized in catering customized project development and other software developments. Along with India, it also provides expert IT solutions overseas in Middle East, Kuwait, Sudan, Mauritius, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka.      

Founded – 1996

Marg Compusoft Private Limited – The company is a leading ERP company specialized in delivering solutions for the customized software solutions, pharmaceutical industry and IT services. Marg Compusoft Private Limited has been into developing famous and well known software involving pharmaceutical software specifically for C&F, chemists and manufacturing firms for complete excise, pharmaceutical trade, online trading, retail software, and mandi software. Along with showing and proving its calibre in software development, the company also deals in carving its niche in IT industry, internet solutions and complete business consulting.  

Accusol Technologies Private Limited – The company is one of the top and leading speedily growing ERP and CRM development companies in India. Six years back, the company started its operations and has been into developing generic ERP, POS, CRM and custom business software services that assisted organizations worldwide not only to overcome their business obstacles and troubles but also to post striking and rewarding results. The company has a huge base of clientele handling and dealing distinct business software development requirements from several industry verticals such as retail, manufacturing, chemical, tourism, hospitality, cement, processing, mining, education, construction, engineering, pharmaceutical and more.     

XECOM Information Technologies Private Limited – Based in Pune, this software development firm is 12+ years old led by a bunch of skilled and talented professionals with many years of expertise and experience in ERP software web development and other software solutions. The company, XECOM Information Technologies Private Limited specializes in ERP implementation for project as well as process verticals and industries including spray dryers, boiler industry, elevator industry, and many other construction industries and process industry related equipment industries. The strong and experienced team comprises testers, domain experts and ERP implementers’ expert in customizing, data migration, testing and last but not least training end users.      

Logic ERP Solutions Private Limited – The company has been a preeminent integrated ERP solution, POS software and retail service provider serving thousands of customers all across the world from years. ERP solutions created by the company are well known for its scalability, robustness and flexibility to assist in business growth of clients. The wide range of software created by the company is focused on several fields and laterals in a business. And to do the same, Logic ERP Solutions Private Limited portfolio involves vertical specific, industry specific and module specific ERP software applications to be delivered to a large number of customers all over the world.      

Process Master Software Private Limited – The company is a professional and experienced ERP solution and service provider catering clients superior services and cost effective solutions. Being ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Process Master Software Private Limited empower its clients and corporate with top notch IT solutions and services to assist to simplify different business processes and aid them to stay competitive and successful in the world. The company deals into providing an extensive and complete range of transparent enterprise solutions including SFA, CRM and ERP backed by prominent industry experts that enable the firms to react as per the changing business scenarios and adopt the best approaches.